Sean Flanagan 


I'm Sean Flanagan — a game developer, artist, and programmer from Atlanta currently getting my B.S. in Computational Media from Georgia Tech. For as long as I can remember, I've loved making games and all the little pieces that go inside of them.

During my three years in VGDev, Tech's student-run gamedev club, I contributed to more than a dozen projects, led workshops on core skills, grew alongside my peers, and served two terms as VP and President.


Analog Dreams

... is a first-person puzzle game, which I co-created during my first year in VGDev. In the game, you go on a surreal journey through a mysterious, retrofuturistic facility, inspired by puzzlers like Portal, The Witness, and Quantum Conundrum.

As one of two project leads, I was responsible for gameplay programming, art direction, and audio. I also designed puzzles, lighting, and props for many of the environments.

You can get Analog Dreams from the VGDev website here!

The living room where the game begins. The prop modeling was done by my friend and co-lead Rhiannan Berry. One of the largest puzzles in the game. I used color variation to delineate different parts of the room, aiding in player navigation. One of the three generators you turn on while escaping the facility.


... is a cartoony collectathon platformer, which I created during my second year in VGDev. You play as the Paintbird, and help him retrieve his missing "yeggs" by rolling, bouncing, and spreading paint.

As the project lead, I was responsible for gameplay programming, art direction, and audio. I programmed, modeled, textured, rigged, and animated the main character, and also created several geometry "styles" that could be scaled and reused modularly to build a wide variety of environments.

You can get YeggQuest from the VGDev website here!

An autumn level I designed. The player speeds around the track before visiting the oasis in the middle. The main hub of the game. There are fifteen level entrances scattered around here. The title screen.

Trouble on Beryl Isle

... is an open-world action platformer, which I created during my third year in VGDev. You play as Luke the Wolf — when he doesn't get the invite to a sweet party, he goes on a tagging spree to build up his reputation. The game is a vibrant love letter to the golden age of 3D platformers, with a huge island to explore, fun enemies to fight, and a deep moveset to master.

UPDATE: I've written a post-mortem article that breaks down a lot of the work I did on ToBI, since it's too much to summarize in a short paragraph. Check it out if you're curious about what went on behind the scenes!

You can get Trouble on Beryl Isle from the VGDev website here!

Looking northeast towards the beach. Looking southeast towards the Skyscraper. The title screen.